Churrasqueira do Sardinha has a long history spanning more than 40 years as one of Toronto's most authentic churrasqueiras.

How it all began

It all started when Nicolau Sardinha, a young man from Assumar - a rural town in Portugal's Alentejo region, moved to the capital of Lisbon and studied the trade of butchery. In Lisbon, Nicolau worked hard and soon after met his future wife. Together the couple got married, settled down and had two boys. After some time in Lisbon, the Sardinhas sought a better life for their young family and decided to come to Toronto, Canada in 1970. As a skilled butcher, it didn't take Nicolau long to open Brazil Portugal Butcher on Augusta Street in Toronto's Kensington district. Brazil Portugal Butcher catered to the community  as a butcher shop, a grocery store and a take-out churrasqueira (which would later become known as Churrasqueira do Sardinha).

It took a some time for Nicolau to get established, but with the help of his eldest son Augusto (at the time, a young man in his teens), the business gradually picked up and became a neighborhood favorite within the community.

In 1980, the Sardinhas decided to move the business to the thriving Little Italy district at 705 College Street West. With a large and growing population of Portuguese and Italian immigrants in the area, Brazil Portugal Butcher/ Churrasqueira do Sardinha quickly became a popular eatery as its reputation for authentic churrasqueira rapidly spread throughout the tight-knit community. Nicolau's spirited personality was a hit with customers, especially among regulars who came to appreciate his famous bird whistling accompanied by a Portuguese joke or two while busy preparing orders.

In 2004, Augusto took over the business and continued the mission that his father had set out to accomplish more than 40 years ago: to provide the best tasting churrasqueira in Toronto served in a warm, friendly environment.

In 2009, Churrasqueira do Sardinha underwent a make-over and moved next door to 707 College St. West. This gleaming new facility has attracted notable attention among regulars and new customers alike, helping to grow its diverse and eclectic client base (many of whom have been regulars since the early years on Augusta Street).

Churrasqueira do Sardinha's longstanding reputation for great tasting authentic cuisine continues its storied tradition to this day!